Justin Trudeau and his family will not go to “antiquated” 24 Sussex

rapport-depose-6-mai-2008The prime minister appointed Justin Trudeau renounced his family to live in the residence of his childhood, “antiquated” 24 Sussex, the time to do the renovations of several million deemed necessary.

In an interview Friday on CBC Radio Fredericton, mother of Justin Trudeau, Margaret Trudeau, said his son and his family would not go at once to 24 Sussex.

“No, they will not go,” said Margaret Trudeau. 24 Sussex should be renovated since I’ve lived there 40 years. You have to make major renovations and they have not yet been made, “she said at the interview on CBC Maritimes.

“They will live elsewhere, without decoration, without artifice, as the home is repaired,” she mentioned.

The side of the National Capital Commission, responsible for official residences, we said “ready” to host Thursday “with pleasure” Justin Trudeau, Sophie Grégoire and their three children at 24 Sussex.

“Next the use of official residences in times of transitions, the team of the NCC will prepare the residence for the Trudeau family, ensuring that it is comfortable and suited to their needs. The details surrounding the upcoming move will be finalized in due time ‘we had indicated in an email Jean Wolff, spokeswoman for the NCC, head of the official residences of the Canadian government.

Dilapidated residence

Stephen Harper and his family have never wanted to leave the premises to allow the work of $ 10 million deemed necessary and urgent in 2008 by the Auditor General of Canada, Sheila Fraser. Instead, Mr. Harper even said that the residence was in “fair condition” and that it met the needs of his family, about which contrasted with previous tenants Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin.

In the report filed May 6, 2008, there are more than seven years, the Auditor General Sheila Fraser recommended that the now 147 years old residence, not renovated for 50 years or redone from top to bottom. Since it is rather difficult to know what kind of work has been achieved while the family of Stephen Harper lived there.

Since 2006, the jobs bill to make hovered around $ 10 million and were to extend over 15 months. “It would be difficult to do this work if the family remains, especially because of the presence of asbestos” had mentioned the Fraser Auditor in 2008. Delaying the work would result in further deterioration and higher costs. The building at that time, she had also said, posed no problem for the safety of its occupants, but that we should not hesitate if there were any.

All over again

The 2008 report revealed that in addition to asbestos in walls, windows and caulking are cracked, the scenes and the windows are loose. Electrical wiring then had been more than 50 years, whereas the plumbing was also deficient. The report also revealed that the residence was not provided with a central air conditioning system.

Moreover, the residence had no access for persons with reduced mobility and service areas such as kitchen and laundry room were not functional. The only element found in good condition of the outer envelope was the roof redone in 1998, all the others being “poor or fair condition.”

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