Justin Trudeau attracts crowds in Manila

justin-trudeau(Manila, Philippines) “Canada is back”, launched Justin Trudeau on October 20, 24 hours after his election victory, in a message to the international community. But it certainly does not doubt that he came to power would create an excitement bordering on hysteria in Manila.

No less than 300 people pressed around the Prime Minister on Thursday to see him, to take a photo or touch it after he finished his press conference after the summit of the Economic Cooperation Forum Asia Pacific (APEC). Young women cried out as he tried to clear a path with the help of the bodyguards of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

“It’s like a performance by Justin Bieber. It’s hysterical, “dropped a witness to the event while a dozen television cameras followed the new prime minister surrounded by a crowd composed mostly of Filipinos and the Philippines that provided the service at media center during the two-day summit brings together the leaders of 21 countries, but also journalists.

“It’s like a big Tom Cruise”, launched a Filipino journalist. “This does not happen for you too in Canada?” He has asked.

Since the beginning of the summit, a daily newspaper in Manila, the Philippine Daily Inquirer launches the following question to his readers that, between Prime Minister Trudeau and the President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, is the sexiest of the leaders of countries APEC? “The girls have only eyes for Trudeau, Nieto,” could you also read at a Wednesday newspaper. This case has fueled discussions on social networks during the summit.

At a press conference on Thursday before facing the crowd of admirers, Mr. Trudeau wanted to minimize the importance of this attention, arguing that it is Canada that comes out winner when the spotlight in this way the Prime Minister abroad and not Justin Trudeau.

“If there’s a little more attention on Canada, I am pleased to point out that Canada has to offer its partners and that we have the opportunity to build better relationships to address major challenges facing the planet, “he said.

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