Justin Trudeau courting immigrants

justin-trudeauAfter the break imposed by the first debate in French, Justin Trudeau revived his campaign by courting immigrants. The Liberal leader promised this morning to review the immigration system to facilitate the reunification of families wishing to settle in Canada.

Justin Trudeau was passing this morning in Brampton, Ontario, to unveil his immigration commitments, stressing the importance of newcomers to the Canadian economy. “During the decade of power to Mr. Harper, our immigration system has been badly managed, politicized and refocused to exclude people who chose to make Canada their new permanent place of residence”, denounced the Liberal leader.

If elected, Trudeau promised to double the number of allowed applications for parents and grandparents of immigrants, to accept 10,000 per year. The budget for the treatment of requests for families will also be doubled to speed up the process.

A Liberal government will also grant permanent residency immediately spouses immigrating to Canada, rather than following a period of two years, as is currently the case.

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