Justin Trudeau invited opposition parties to the Paris conference

cette-approche-inclusive-premier-ministreJustin Trudeau adopts a more inclusive approach that the Conservatives inviting the opposition parties to join the Canadian delegation that will participate in the Paris Conference on climate change next month.

The prime minister-designate has already asked the Green Party Leader Elizabeth May to accompany the UN summit which begins on November 30.

It also plans to reach out to NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair and Tory leader – whether Stephen Harper or interim leader – and invite representatives of non-governmental and environmental organizations, according to sources.

The premiers of all provinces that will not be up for election this fall have also agreed to support Mr. Trudeau.

This inclusive approach of the prime minister-designate contrasts with that of the previous Conservative government, which limited participation in Canadian delegations to government members, systematically excluding opposition parties.

In 2011, Justin Trudeau, who was not yet the leader of the Liberal Party, had also treated the environment minister at the time, Peter Kent, a “piece of shit” in the House of Commons. It had just blaming the NDP Critic Megan Leslie Environment for not having attended the UN conference on climate change in Durban, South Africa, while it is the Conservative government had refused to accredit any member of the opposition.

At the UN conference on climate change in Warsaw, Poland, held in 2013, Ms May had joined the Afghan delegation after the Harper government had denied it is part of the Canadian delegation. Be part of the delegation of Afghanistan, rather than participate in the conference as an observer, had enabled him to attend all negotiations.

“I was an environmental refugee, Ms. May said in an interview. It was completely ridiculous that Mr. Harper had done. ”

Green Leader has specified that the inclusive liberal approach is not surprising: Justin Trudeau simply embraces the tradition that delegations to international conferences represent Canada as a whole, not just the governing party.

The Paris summit aims to negotiate targets for reducing greenhouse gases for the period subsequent to 2020.

During the election campaign, Mr. Trudeau was careful not to set targets, arguing that launch numbers will never be met is completely unnecessary. Instead, he promised to work with the premiers to develop a national framework to combat climate change.

At a point of post-election press on Tuesday, Mr. Trudeau said he had already started to discuss with premiers in order to develop “a strong position” ahead of the Paris Summit ‘for that people understand that the years when Canada was less enthusiastic actor to combat climate change are behind us. ”

Under the Harper government, Canada has removed including the Kyoto Protocol and Canada will likely not be able to meet its Copenhagen commitments to reduce its emissions by 17 percent by 2020.

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