Justin Trudeau media personality in 2015

justin-trudeau-obtenu-97-votesThe year 2015 has been memorable for Justin Trudeau.

He received a resounding electoral victory after ascending the slope in the polls, becoming both the first son of a prime minister to head the government in turn and the first leader of a federal party to hoist its formation third place at the summit of power. Since then he has toured the world and has become an international star. All this in the last three months of the year.

And now it becomes the personality that most marked the news in Canada in 2015. And unlike the elections of October 19 hotly contested, it was not really a surprise.

“Trudeau was the first choice of editors and news directors across the country,” said Stephen Meurice, editor of The Canadian Press.

Some 97% of heads of newsrooms of countries surveyed by The Associated Press estimated that Justin Trudeau was the most marked personality with the news this year.

Rachel Notley, leader of the Alberta New Democratic Party that ended the reign of four decades of Conservative dynasty in Alberta, came far behind. She was chosen by only 7% of surveyed directors of information.

Little Alan Kurdi, this Syrian child whose dead body found on a Turkish beach gave a human face to the refugee crisis, which has established itself in spite of him in the Canadian election campaign, won a vote less than M Notley me.

The choice was made ​​”without hesitation”, wrote Carl Fleming, managing editor of the Cape Breton Post. “Everyone talks about Justin. ”

Elections are always an important event in the news, but this is the historic nature of the victory of Justin Trudeau, who was remarkable for managers of newsrooms of the country.

“Trudeau’s victory was historic on many levels,” said Tim Kucharuk, a reporter of radio experience CKRW The Rush-Whitehorse.

“The first to be gone from third party than the government party, the first to complete the father-son duo as Prime Minister. He served us some of the most cited replicas of the year: the ‘sunny lane’ ‘[‘ ‘sunny ways”] and ” Canada is back. ” His victory has changed dramatically Ottawa after 10 years of Conservative government. ”

Others were impressed by how Justin Trudeau, qualified with contempt handsome boy empty-headed by the machine attack preservatives and which trailed in the polls at the beginning of the campaign, managed to exceed expectations and left its experienced opponents far behind in a cloud of dust.

“The expectations were so low for this son of an iconic Canadian leader than his rivals have said mockingly that he would win points in public opinion only ‘on stage wearing trousers amount,'” recalls Margo Goodhand, editor of the Edmonton Journa l.

“Target of a carefully orchestrated campaign of defiance, in third place in the polls, ” Justin ‘defended and achieved a resounding majority victory, overturning a dynasty [conservative] 10 years and becoming the 23rd first Minister of Canada. Not too bad for the ” guy at the beautiful hair ‘. ”

Maurice Cloutier, editor of La Tribune in Sherbrooke, said that Justin Trudeau had conducted “a bold campaign” by doubling the New Democratic Party (NDP) on the left, with its promises to record modest deficits and stimulate economy through significant investments in infrastructure.

Mr. Cloutier also believes that Mr. Trudeau managed to turn to its advantage an exceptionally long election campaign – a marathon 11 weeks, conservatives believed, was to highlight the weaknesses of the young “Justin”.

More so, he managed to obtain a majority of seats in Quebec, a feat that had been made by any party to head the federal government since 1988. It was also the best result of the federal Liberals since Pierre Elliott Trudeau swept the province in the 1980 elections.

“He led a campaign flawless, Justice Michel Lorrain, vice president of information and programming to Cogeco Diffusion. The resurgence of the Liberals in Quebec has surprised everyone. ”

But most of all, the story of Justin Trudeau’s ascension is a very good story in itself.

He raised his party as dead in 2011 when the Liberals won only 34 seats and were relegated behind the NDP for the first time in history. He withstood the barrage of negative ads conservatives who said he was “not ready”. He survived the pressure of a high-stakes campaign in which not all wrong could mean the end of the Liberal Party of Canada.

And he did this without falling into vulgarity and political games, always remaining positive and projecting a youthful and carefree optimism that gave the impression that his opponents were old and cranky.

Since the elections, Justin Trudeau has been praised around the world for its promise to form a joint firm “because we are in 2015,” and for opening Canada’s borders to Syrian refugees. He also attended a series of international summits, which earned him a flattering media coverage and, in one case of female admirers swooning cries.

“The story of the trajectory Trudeau was surprising and spectacular as he led the Liberals from the back to the head of government, commented Paul Samyn, editor of the Winnipeg Free Press. His campaign has meant that we had a race to three for power, and turn victorious track has attracted worldwide attention in a way that we had never seen for a Canadian Prime Minister. ”

“It’s kind of a fairy tale, does not it? “Says Elisha Dacey, managing editor of the newspaper Metro in Winnipeg.

“The first son of a popular minister [but also disgraced] took over where his father left off and immediately put in place changes in political culture PMO […] which will be felt for years. It is a story of removing the back back forward that changes the Canadian political landscape. ”

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