Justin Trudeau, popular politician

justin-trudeau-sophie-gregoire-photographiesAfter being welcomed Featured in the Philippines have been dubbed “Canada’s Kennedy” by the European media and have dominated the Paris Match, Justin Trudeau international media continues its ascent subject of a portrait by the influential female fashion magazine Vogue, a rarity for a politician. Analysis in four time this photo of the “new face of Canadian politics” in the arms of his wife Sophie Gregoire.

The couple

Past hands on hips of his wife, Justin Trudeau looks it lovingly, smirking. “It is a pose that shows a feeling of love more than official photo. They are happy, they love and they will change the world “, analyzes Bernard Motulsky, holder of the Chair in Public Relations and Marketing Communications at UQAM. Justin Trudeau entered politics knowing full well the importance of its image, according to the expert. “Once it is built, it becomes very difficult to escape. They’ll be watched, they will be followed by all the paparazzi that there may be. Everyone is going to want to see, “said Mr. Motulsky.


“When he [Trudeau] you look directly into his eyes, he did what Bill Clinton was known for beautifully: make you feel that you are the only person in the world. […] It is a political gift in gold, “wrote journalist John Powers about the Canadian Prime Minister, which he paints a very flattering portrait. Dressed in a blue jacket and brown shoes in his interview, Justin Trudeau offers a “stylistic response to politicians wearing boring black shoes,” it said. The story tells mainly roller-coaster ride of Justin Trudeau and his meeting with his wife, and ends on the optimistic political vision of the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister

Vogue remains a benchmark in the fashion world since its inception in 1892. The 23 editions distributed in the world are printed over 1.2 million copies. If American politicians like Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama have already been interviewed by the magazine, few male politicians have posed for Vogue. In recent decades, Justin Trudeau is also the first Canadian politician to receive such treatment by the American edition, led by the famous Anna Wintour.

Sophie Gregoire

The hair and makeup fade here to leave any room for a sapphire blue dress embroidered with golden thread. The garment is signed Oscar de la Renta, American designer who died last year, which has several first ladies dressed in her career, Betty Ford Michelle Obama. So far, the former host of TV and yoga teacher displays a path without missteps in dress, revealing a government that will not be free of style and that is already wriggling fashion lovers.

Her husband, in a more conventional blue shirt together with a red tie, expresses a relaxed facet of his personality with a tie knot that has taken care of release and sleeves rolled up: a look carefully “neglected”.

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