Justin Trudeau promoted diversity on the world stage

premier-ministre-canada-justin-trudeauThe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced his hosting plan Syrian refugees to the world before a London audience, including addressing the uniqueness of Canada’s diversity.

In the wake of unveiling his government of this plan to the home of 25,000 Syrian refugees in Canada, Mr. Trudeau made a passionate and highly political speech touching on many themes of his election campaign.

His speech followed his morning tour with Queen Elizabeth II, to which the Prime Minister presented his two youngest children – Ella-Grace and Hadrian. He has imitated his own father, former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who had at that time submitted to the sovereign his young son Justin.

The visit Buckingham Palace marked the beginning of another important week on the diplomatic stage for the new Prime Minister, particularly with the reception of Syrian refugees and tension in the Middle East after Turkey was shot dead on Tuesday Russian fighter aircraft.

Justin Trudeau’s speech took place before a crowd that included, in particular, the Canadian Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, a number of company executives and members of the House of Lords. The Prime Minister then tried to bring together all the themes of his government under one banner: diversity.

He argued that the growing middle class that was the key to Canada’s diversity work.

“The economic disaster manifests itself in many ways, Mr. Trudeau said. Fear and distrust of those who are different are among the most common and dangerous expressions. ”

“We have a responsibility – to ourselves and to the world – to show that inclusive diversity is a strength that can overcome intolerance, radicalization and hate,” said Mr. Trudeau before the large crowd at Canada House located in the heart of London.

He said that Canada was facing a continuing debate between “those who want to entrench ourselves in tight rows, build walls” and those who recognize that the strength of the country lies in its multilingual and multicultural in nature.

The Prime Minister, who is in his second whirlwind visit and his second summit on the international scene in as many weeks, will leave the United Kingdom on Thursday to Valletta, Malta, where the leaders of the Commonwealth of 54 countries will meet .

Justin Trudeau said he would work to encourage some Commonwealth members to intensify their efforts to fight against climate change, while others in the organization are well aware of the dangers of rising sea levels caused by global warming.

The Prime Minister of Malta will hold a special meeting on the issue Friday.

Mr. Trudeau and most other Commonwealth leaders will then head to France. French President Francois Hollande called on world leaders to attend the 21st Conference on the UN Climate Change (COP21), which will open on Monday.

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