Justin Trudeau’s victory predicted in 1971 in Le Soleil!

prophetique-soleil-28-decembre-1971(Quebec) The accession of Justin Trudeau to Canada’s head was written in the stars …. The December 28, 1971, The Sun published at this prophetic one: Pierre-Justin will be Prime Minister of the country, the stars spoke.

From the pen of Ottawa correspondent Donald Doyle, your daily reported the words of the “clairvoyant, astrologer, palmist, healer in a name” Elias Mallett, three days after the birth of the first son of the couple Pierre Elliott Trudeau – Margaret Sinclair.

“The son of Trudeau become a great man, a great leader. Lawyer, he will be champion of justice and, conversely, will fight with all his might … injustice, “explained at the time

Mr Mallet, a citizen of Indian origin Ottawa.

With these qualities, Justin was called, like his father, to lead the country. “Gifted with great oratorical skills, courtesy of the stars, there is reason to believe that he can one day take the path of political and reach, as his father, the highest office.”

Independence of mind

The clairvoyant, who admitted to having voted for the Liberal Party, saw the newborn independence of mind will cause friction with his father. “Relations [them] will be fairly tense, especially since, Mallett claimed that the signs of the balance [the father] and Capricorn [the son] are rarely compatible.”

The crystal ball was the astrologer to glimpse the emotional life of the new Canadian Prime Minister. “[…] Trudeau’s son will marry him as his time and already the stars tell us that it will be very jealous and very possessive. As for Ms. Son [his future wife], she will apparently of great beauty. ”

The radius of its successes, Mallett said he announced the marriage of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the birth of the first son, and … the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

However, just to temper the enthusiasm of supporters of astrology, the diviner had also predicted that Pierre Elliott Trudeau and his wife “will never be separated and they have many children”

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