Kanye West hospital, and North St. in danger?

adidas-kanye-west-yeezy-boost-350-crepe-bootSince his recent hospitalization, Kanye West status raises many questions. Moreover, children and St. North West they would now be in danger?

Sale period for the Kardashian-Jenner clan . Recently, the editorial ‘of melty learned that the mental state of Kanye West had worsened . So the rapper stay in hospital UCLA in Los Angeles has been extended until the end of the weekend. A choice that allows doctors to push the analysis and that also helps Yeezy . To step back after suffering a psychotic episode But faced with this predicament, Kim Kardashian has decided to take a radical decision: to prevent and North St. West to see their father . Would this mean that the star of reality TV is concerned for the safety of its children? The rapper would have become dangerous to the point that his wife does not want North and Saint seen? Many questions remain as mere assumptions. Because in reality, it appears that the sole purpose of Kim Kardashian is to protect his family.

Because yes, according to statements reported by E! News , Kim Kardashian deliberately lied to his children by telling them that their father was away on a trip and not in the hospital . A choice makes sense especially when you know that North only three years old and the little Saint is only 11 months. “North and Saint think their father is abroad. Kanye wants to get better so this decision is important for the healing process ” so says a source. He added: “Kanye is trying to heal but he is still not allowed to leave The doctors think he still needs time to rest Kim is at her side and she will stay there until.. back to health. ” a stressful situation for which there is not so long ago was done by two gunmen rob . Nevertheless, it seems that Kim Kardashian unrecognizable on an old photo for Thanksgiving , is stronger than ever as highlighted source said: “She holds up as Kanye did when she needed support.” A nice proof love which should, hopefully, quickly replace the rapper on foot. and you, do you want to see Kanye West with his family?

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