Kanye West hospitalized, Kim Kardashian furious against Beyonce and Jay Z!

recap-people-celebrites-actu-semaine-brangelinaSince her husband Kanye West was hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic, Kim Kardashian would be totally furious after Beyoncé and Jay Z! Find out why.
This is one of the bad news that shook the people sphere. On November 21, 2016, Kanye West was hospitalized in psychiatry after suffering a nervous breakdown. A delicate situation that prompted Kim Kardashian to forbid his family to visit the rapper, thus allowing him to be quiet away from the media pressure. But if the couple is more welded than ever before facing this ordeal, it would seem that there is a small shadow on the board. Which ? Their friends Beyoncé and Jay Z would never have bothered to ask for news of Yeezy. An attitude that Kim Kardashian would not like at all. Moreover, according to revelations from the US Weekly site, the young woman of 36 years would be “deeply injured” that the couple Carter-Knowles did not contact her about the mental state of Kanye West. But the revelations do not end there …

For if the real reason behind the paranoia of Kanye West has recently been unveiled, his friends have always been very present for him. For proof, according to US Weekly, Kim Kardashian would have received a lot of calls worried and concerned about the health of the rapper and this, while Beyoncé and Jay Z would still be absent subscribers: “Kim’s phone has not stopped ringing since That Kanye is in the hospital, her messaging is full but she answers when she has time, but Kim is flabbergasted and injured that Jay Z and Beyoncé have not contacted her, no SMS, emails, nothing. From then on, the mother of North and Saint West would be absolutely furious about the behavior of the two celebrities: “Kim focuses on Kanye’s health but she will remember who was there for him in this ordeal and who was not. ” Nevertheless, it seems that in fact Queen B and Hova are discreet to “respect the privacy of Kanye West” as a source at Hollywood Life reveals. Difficult then to know who is telling the truth. In any case, only the rapper’s health matters and his loved ones all hope that he will return very quickly! In your opinion, will the tensions between the two couples soon subside?

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