Kanye West hospitalized, North West prepares him for a surprise

kanye-west-north-photo-cute-bainWhile Kanye West has been in the hospital for a few days, North claims her father a lot. While waiting for her return home, she prepared a surprise so cute!
It’s not an easy time for Kanye West! A few days ago, the rapper was rushed to the UCLA hospital in Los Angeles following a psychotic crisis caused by too much stress lately. Little news has been given about the current state of Kanye West but in any case, Kim Kardashian is at his side until even feed him. Is Kanye West as bad as that for not being able to do that? Difficult trial for the couple Kimye! Too small to realize what’s going on, North and Saint West are eagerly awaiting their dad’s return … Very close to Kanye West, the eldest of their children would be very fond of his father. Little North prepared a surprise for Yeezi’s return!

With the hospitalization of Kanye West, is North and Saint West in danger? This is the question that was posed to the editing of melty.fr. In any case, Kim Kardashian would have preferred to lie to the children by saying that their father left on a trip rather than tell the truth. Little North is awaiting the return of Kanye with impatience since according to a source of Hollywood Life, the little girl constantly claims to him: “His father misses a lot in North (…) She only asks where he is for several days. She hopes that he will return this week and in preparation for his return, she is working on a nice drawing of the family. Cute Northi! It is certainly the most adorable thing that Kanye West will receive on her return. But what exactly did she draw? “She designed herself, Kim, Saint and of course Kanye on a sheet of paper, she colored her father’s mustache and beard (…) She also wrote” I love my dad ” Right next door, “the source added. Certainly, Kanye West will melt in front of North’s surprise! Do you find the adorable North West surprise?

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