Kanye West is out of the hospital!

kanye-west-yeezy-season-3-sortie-mode-yeezusGood news ! After spending more than a week in a psychiatric hospital, Kanye West was finally allowed out.
A news that pleases to hear! In recent days, Kanye West has made the headlines of the popular press. Admitted to psychiatric hospital after suffering a psychotic crisis, the rapper spent more than a week there. A stay far from obvious to manage for the artist. Moreover, if he was recently hospitalized, the real reason for his paranoia was unveiled and did not fail to react to Internet users. But despite this harsh blow, the interpreter of “Fade” could count on his entourage and more particularly on his wife, Kim Kardashian. For good reason, decided to support him in this painful trial, the young woman of 36 years remained present alongside her husband even feeding him. A period that will undoubtedly bring them closer together. But while Kanye West doctors recently prevented him from leaving the clinic, judging that his mental state was not stable enough, North and Saint West’s father was finally able to leave the establishment on Thursday, December 1, 2016.

It is also X17 that reports the information. According to their statements, Kanye West finally left the UCLA hospital in Los Angeles to return home. The rapper was able to find his whole family. Good news ! But still according to the American site, the singer should continue to receive care. He would still be under the supervision of Kim Kardashian and his doctor Michael Farzam. “Kanye is with Kim and his children, and he seems to be fine and happy to have found his home.” Kim’s family visited him “confirms A source at People magazine. Before adding, “Kanye will continue to receive treatment and help to overcome his stress. He needs to learn how to manage his work at the same time as his family life.” This should be a relief for Kim Kardashian who she did not hesitate to be furious after Beyoncé and Jay Z. Anyway, this is news that reassures the fans of Yeezy! And you, happy for Kanye West?

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