Kanye West violent and hospitalized: The real reason for his paranoia unveiled!

kanye-west-hospitalise-urgence-etat-aggraveSince Kanye West was hospitalized, her condition raises a lot of questions. But now we finally know the real reason why the rapper made a burn-out.
The news is not very reassuring about the mental state of Kanye West. Visibly at the end, the rapper made a nervous breakdown. Result? He had no choice but to join a psychiatric institution in Los Angeles. A stay during which Yeezy rests and tries to regain form. But while he was thought to be surrounded, it would appear that Kim Kardashian had forbidden his family to visit Kanye West during his hospitalization. A way for the young woman of 36 years to preserve dramas around the Kardashian-Jenner clan. But if the environment of the “Fade” interpreter has not always been easy to manage, many Internet users continue to question themselves to find out the real reason for his internment. Tiredness ? The stress ? The fear ? Nothing of the sort ! According to TMZ, the cause would be much more personal …

According to statements from a source close to Kanye West at TMZ, it would seem that the death of his mother Donda West was the trigger. Died on November 20, 2007, the rapper’s mom then left a big void in the life of Yeezy who never really managed to fill it. From then on, the day of the anniversary of the death of the one who gave birth, the interpreter of “Famous” would not have held the blow thus canceling one of his concerts planned in Los Angeles, this same day. The next day – November 21, 2016 – Kim Kardashian’s husband was then the victim of a psychotic crisis. So much so that in reality, the burn-out and the paranoia of the artist would have been caused by this tragic event. Kanye West would not be able to mourn the death of her mother and would even be angry that he had arrived. New statements that worry the fans of the artist. But they are unfortunately not the only ones! Since according to many rumors, Kris Jenner would try to include the hospitalization of Kanye West in The Incredible Kardashian Family. A total bad buzz … In any case, to the editing of melty, we hope that he will recover quickly. What do you think of these new revelations?

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