Kanye West would be well in the White House

kanye-west-dimanche-soir-lorsRapper Kanye West has pushed the show to be very far away at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday by declaring on stage that he intended to stand for the presidential election of 2020 in the United States.

“I decided to compete in the presidential election of 2020,” said the american rapper in receiving a price Vanguard for the whole of his career.

It was previously launched in a long convoluted speech saying that he was ready to “die for art”, stating that it did “not always how it works in the evenings awards” and “that art is not always polite”.

He added: “Some will ask if I smoked before coming. The answer is yes.”

This is Taylor Swift, who handed him his prize, while the singer a few years earlier had been declared by giving her a VMA that he would have to return to the pop-star Beyoncé.

The presenter of the evening Miley Cyrus ironisé after the declarations of Kanye West: “Donald Trump”, a-t-it launched in reference to the candidate at the head of the race for the republican nomination in the United States, “You had my vote but now go Kanye!!”.

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