Karaoke Sing Life raises $ 7,500 for JEVI

vermette-ecarte-pas-possibilite(Sherbrooke) A few false notes and lots of laughter punctuated the second edition of Karaoke Sing life in favor of suicide prevention JEVI Centre who was last Friday.

Several artisans of all media in the region gathered at the Youth House of Rock Forest sung to provide benefits. The event will have raised just over $ 7,500.

The initiative is the work of Steve Vermette, former sports journalist with Radio-Canada, which is organizing the event to commemorate the memory of his friend Pierre Gobeil who took his own life 10 years ago.

“It was a super nice evening, we sang and celebrate life in memory of my friend, yes, but also in memory of all those who end their day. It’s also a way to provide support to their loved ones who have to live the suffering of unwanted departure of a loved one, “said Steve Vermette.

Despite outreach efforts, the statistics remain alarming in the region.

“There is more of a suicide a day in the Eastern Townships. Eight times out of ten, they are men. It is often said that this is because men do not dare to ask for help and that’s why we have to break this taboo. We must stop thinking that we can go it alone. Mental illness that can be cured, it is important to dare to ask for help, “said Mr. Vermette.

He does not hide his pride and appreciation to colleagues who have overwhelmingly responded to his invitation. More than 200 people packed into the Youth House for the occasion.

“I am proud of my media colleagues, they showed that they are people of the heart. Yes these are not all of Céline Dion or Éric Lapointe, but we were treated to sacred great benefits. They praised my initiative, but I want to say that I could not have done without them. The barriers have fallen. It was shown that when people gather together, it embodies the 4th power of the media and we can deliver a much more powerful message. ”

The 2011 edition had raised $ 11,000. Steve Vermette does not rule out the possibility of making the event an annual meeting if public and media involvement is there. People who wish to donate can still do so through the website JEVI.

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