Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom engaged?

katy-perry-orlando-bloom-mariage-fiance-engagedKaty Perry and Orlando Bloom spent the second? The two celebrities would have taken an important step and would be engaged …
Decidedly, the two lovers are constantly turning us into jenny for several weeks. Not long ago, we heard that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom had broken up. The actor of Pirates of the Caribbean did not want to engage seriously with the young woman and to distance himself from her. But love has been stronger than anything since they created surprise by putting themselves together again. So, you want or do not want Orlando? In any case, when they last appeared in New York, the lovebirds have once again aroused the flashes of the paparazzi for a very precise reason. Katy Perry was spotted with a huge diamond on her left hand. Can we assume that the interpreter of “Thinking of You” and Orlando Bloom have just got engaged?

This is THE big question of the day. While they have been a couple for nearly a year, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have never actually formalized their relationship in a statement. Doubt is no longer permitted when one knows that they spend the greater part of their time together. Who does not remember the look of Katy Perry on Orlando Bloom, completely naked doing paddle? In short, last night, all eyes were directed at the inevitable diamond that Katy Perry wore in his left hand. As can be seen in these photos by clicking HERE, the ring of the star is impressive. But then, has Orlando Bloom just asked his beautiful in marriage? It is always a great mystery! One thing is for sure, we should know more in the coming days. So what do you think of the couple formed by Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry?

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