“Killer” flew to the SPA Townships

spa-cantons-espere-killer-sera(Cowansville) Victim of theft of a dangerous dog which she had custody, SPA Townships sounds the alarm. “Killer”, one of the two dogs that killed a small dog and bit the owner of it on July 24 in Cowansville, was stolen last Sunday.

The director of the agency, Carl Girard, believes the case should be resolved quickly. The beast would represent “a high potential aggression” and a “high risk of bite.”

“I think yes. But listen, do it in Cowansville, do it elsewhere, I do not know. […] If they can help us find that dog and then to punish people who are involved in the case, for sure it would be greatly appreciated. ”

He mentioned in passing that it would be dangerous to approach “Killer”. Regarding public release a few days after the incident, the Director of the SPA said it had wanted to leave the SQ do its job.

“We waited a couple of days because they did not interfere with the criminal investigation. […] We really wanted to give a head start to police it. ”

Thursday in the early evening, the Sûreté du Québec for his part said that the checks on the situation are underway.

A covered individual

In the spirit of Carl Girard, owner of the mastiff was practically the only one who could have committed this act.

“It’s clear! Look, there is no person who could approach that dog! […] It’s a dog that was very aggressive, it’s that I do not see Mr. Mrs. All-the-world to come to enter through a window to the SPA and leave with the dog, Mr. Girard pleaded before temper his remarks. It remains speculative, I have no proof. ”

Still, we feel that the director of the SPA Townships has large on the heart. He slams the “kind of character,” repeating that it is they who transform dogs “not so bad” to “problem cases”. He fully intended to improve the safety of premises of the body, but do not expect miracles.

“Of course we will tighten security measures, but it remains that such person there, no matter what measures we will have, they will always find a way to do something. Along with whatever regulations we will vote, with that kind of person there, we will always have problems. ”

Moreover, Mr. Girard criticizes the owner’s total lack of cooperation from the events that led to the seizure of two dogs.

“When I have a bite of good family dog ​​Mr. Mrs. All-the-world, these are issues that are resolved within 24 hours. You know, the person will join us and will really support us there, will follow an approach. This is something that will happen quickly. One is able to make recommendations, we know we have someone who is able to bring coaching and make a follow-up. ”

Fate uncertain

This could explain the theft lies in the fate loomed for two dogs. “It was difficult to handle, so it is sure that it was not good for dogs. In no way. You know, a dog that fails to close, at one time, there are limits, there! “Says Girard.

The dog’s aggression is at a point where euthanasia is not excluded. “I can not confirm to you now, but yes, it was one of the possibilities.”

The female who was seized at the same time is not more docile, quite the contrary. Besides, this could explain why she remained in the premises of the SPA Townships, argues Girard. Certainly, his fate will be determined soon.

“The dog is still there, it is still under observation. There were two assessments already completed. There will be two more in the coming days. It makes you should be able to present a final report in the course of next week. ”

In The Voice of the East Wednesday, we learned that the City of Cowansville was studying its options both in veterinary and legally in this specific case.

Still positive

Carl Girard said console is lucky that the thief or thieves had acted then there was nobody. The employee who was stationed Sunday noon dinner party was when they came through the window.

“There was no altercation, there was no fuss, that at least I’m happy.”

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