Kim Kardashian: Kylie and Kendall Jenner want to dethrone her!

kylie-jenner-kendall-kim-kardashian-ceremonieNo mercy between the women of the Kardashian-Jenner clan! Now that Kim is discreet, Kendall and Kylie plan to eclipse …
Kendall Jenner is ready to break the internet like Kim Kardashian by posing nude! The pretty model does not make mystery of her intentions, she plans to become a sex symbol as well as her big sister. And she is not the only one! Kylie Jenner also plays willingly on her sexy side to attract attention. And according to a source from the Radar Online site, the two girls are tired of Kim’s attitude, which has not hesitated to set the filming of The Incredible Kardashian Family on a break and to shake up the entire media organization Of the clan. According to the source: “Kendall and Kylie think that Kim is trying to make them lose money and opportunities, they have their own business and they find Kim’s attitude unreasonable. Bring back to it “.

Indeed Kim Kardashian, who banned his family from visiting Kanye West, does everything to benefit from her husband’s hospitalization by giving information to the press and emphasizing his role as a woman weeping to the media. Obviously Kendall and Kylie do not like it: “Kim wants to control her whole family, but Kendall and Kylie do not accept it, they have not hesitated to respond with insolence.” The atmosphere is definitely not beautiful in the clan … What do you think of the reaction of Kylie and Kendall?

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