La Cage aux Sports is … La Cage

entrevues-recentes-pdg-sportscene-jean(Quebec) La Cage aux Sports will let some fall sports, at least in the name of his franchise, which simply become La Cage. The announcement will be made by Sportscene Group Monday Cage Boucherville, who also inspire future transformations in all restaurants La Cage Quebec.

In recent interviews, the CEO of Sportscene, Jean Bédard, has made no secret that a new name would emerge, without revealing it. The notice sent Monday to the media to the press conference, however, a little spilled the beans.

Titled “Starting La Cage”, convening invites the media to “La Cage Boucherville” and not to “La Cage aux Sports Boucherville.” The new concept of the food chain is already applied in Boucherville and Cage aux Sports Beauport. Of course, the big screens showing sports matches remain, but the restaurants will be found in a wider area rather than using separate rooms.

It will also disappear sweaters and the proliferation of sports equipment on walls in favor of a decoration that will continue to raise the sport, but more refined way. The food supply will also change with a more upscale menu, fresh ingredients and a larger selection of beers.

While remaining a chain of sports bars, and La Cage would address a more family customers. Already, a dozen of the 51 Cage aux Sports restaurants were transformed according to the model of Boucherville.


Jean Bédard was also recently told La Presse that he had plans for expansion in New Brunswick and Ontario to the Cage aux Sports, but that the current model was difficult to export. “There, we will have a concept that will appeal everywhere. It remains a sports bar, but much more open, “he had said.

Launched in 1983 in Montreal, La Cage aux Sports is the first chain of sports-themed Quebec. However, it had seen its revenue plummet since 2008. Annual sales which amounted to $ 85 million in 2012 fell to $ 70 million the following year for up to $ 75 million in 2014.

Sportscene Group, which owns La Cage aux Sports and manages various foodservice arena, also has its own sports complex and Interbox promoter. At the end of August, it has also entered into an agreement to operate in Québec restaurants in the US Asian chain PF Chang’s China Bistro.

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