Lac-Drolet is mobilizing to better cell phone access

1164575Many citizens of Lac-Drolet abnormal believe that most of the territory of a municipality is not covered by cell phone service. Municipal officials, traders, industrialists are also of this opinion, to the point that a petition was created, from the municipal office.

“We’re working this case for several years. The tragedy of July 2013 in Lac-Mégantic made us put that aside. We realize that we really need the cell phone when a disaster like that! “Admits Melissa Laplante, Deputy Director General in Lac-Drolet.

“We started from the time of Marielle Fecteau Mayor, we were ready to move when it happened. We approached individually industrialists and traders, who were well agree that this would improve their working lives. ”

Ironically, the current mayor of Lac-Drolet, Rock Couët, owns Couët Transportation, and is often confronted with areas where cellular service is lacking.

“People ask us a lot by telling us that the situation is unacceptable. Among others, there are the new owners of a residence at the lake here who are surprised when they realize after the purchase they have no service for their cell phone, “says Ms. Laplante.

“We are quite dynamic in Lac-Drolet, we need the cell for our development. We have a pharmacy, a doctor’s office, several industries in different sectors, wood, granite, shoes LP Royer, the Attraction Group. This is a serious problem, in 2016, we would like to move! ”

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