Lac-Megantic: 400 people dispute the amount received from fund

1172538About 400 people dispute the amount of money they receive for their moral damage compensation fund of $ 460 million for creditors and victims of Lac-Megantic.

The controller appointed by the court to oversee the distribution of money said on Monday that about 10 percent of the 4200 people who must receive checks were not satisfied with the amount allocated to them.

Andrew Adessky said his firm Richter, will begin to answer them in a few weeks, adding that some complaints are valid and some not.

The victims received 50 percent of their claims for moral damages, and the money that will be distributed at a later date.

Mr. Adessky said that a total of about $ 50 million was set aside for moral damages after a train carrying crude oil were derailed in Lac-Megantic in 2013, killing 47 people and destroying part of its downtown.

Approximately $ 113 million was distributed to those who have made claims for the death of a relative.

There is about $ 300 million in compensation funds to be distributed to the provincial government, the City of Lac-Megantic and other creditors who have lodged claims of an economic nature or linked to insurance.

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