Lac Saint-Charles: City justifies the use of drone

ville-veut-assurer-berges-lac(Quebec) Quebec City believes that fly over the shores of Lake St. Charles with a drone allows it to save money and do more inspections during the summer.

As the CBC reported and Le Journal de Québec Wednesday, residents of Lake St. Charles complained this summer to see the edge of their property overflown by a drone. This new way of making Quebec City undermines the respect of their privacy, they say.

“Our only goal is the protection of Lake Saint-Charles, and we would like citizens to be collaborators in all this,” says David O’Brien for his part, spokesman of the City of Quebec.

An inspection of shoreline development by two technicians aboard a boat could take up to a month in recent years. With a drone, all work is done in one day. “It was a major time saver,” says O’Brien.

And as for tours by boat, drones visits are not announced in advance. The City wants to ensure that the banks of the lake are naturalized as stipulated settlement.

At DroneXperts, the contractor of the City, we certify that we have all the security clearances required by Transport Canada. And in terms of privacy of residents, “it is not fun to fly over the people of the land. We stayed on the lake and near the banks, “says Johan Lasalle, company president.

Specializing in aerial imaging in industrial and forestry areas, it is rare that people DroneXperts films. “It does not happen almost not only ordinary citizens find themselves inadvertently in our pictures. But if that were the case, it would be scrambled, for sure, “Mr. Lasalle.

The Mayor of Stoneham, Robert Miller, learned through the media path this new type of inspection. “I do not have to comment on what Quebec City does, but us, we do not intend to do that,” he said, arguing that he preferred to get himself home to its citizens raise awareness about the care of their bank overlooking Lake St. Charles.

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