Lady Gaga: Million Reasons, she reveals an anecdote about the song

lady-gaga-millions-reasons-performance-amasSince the release of her new album Joanne, the good critic is raining on Lady Gaga. Very moved by this infatuation, she does not hesitate to deliver a few anecdotes on her songs.
His performance at the American Music Awards 2016 is still in everyone’s minds. On November 20, Lady Gaga gave us a sublime performance, which she took care to explain on her Instagram account: “Last night’s scene was a replica of my garden where I spend a lot of time watching Outside my home and singing with my guitar … Thinking about my dream life, yours, how we can make this world better … Thank you so much for blessing me this way. Very poetic these last days, the eccentric star has given way to an artist well in her body and in her mind. Very proud of the success of her fifth solo album Joanne, the pop star ensures like a beast the promotion of his project and does not hesitate to praise his work to his fans who asks him hundreds of questions every day on Twitter.

Lady Gaga has her heart on hand, and she has proved it recently by openly supporting her friend Kanye West, interned in a psychiatric hospital after a little burnout. The superstar to the 64.5 million subscribers even takes the time to respond to his admirers, while revealing some anecdotes. The latest is his song “Million Reasons”, which should be the next single of his album. While a fan confesses to adore this excerpt of Joanne, she answers him simply by repeating the words of his song: “Thank you.” Head stuck in a cycle, I look away. It’s really very personal for me … It’s only the beginning of #Joanne. ”

Obviously, the piece evokes rather personal and complicated memories for Gaga, who insisted on instagram that “even if you are destroyed, you do not have to remain so,” referring to the moving discourse of Selena Gomez (back On Instagram) at the AMAs. “It makes me so cheerful, I hope my voice and instrumentation sound like a warm embrace and wild liberation from the pain I wanted to feel,” she replies to another admirer. Joanne, definitely the album of deliverance and authenticity for the singer. What do you think of the new album of Lady Gaga?

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