Launch of Bear Productions

directeur-general-sousFor four days, starting Wednesday, the Sub-Bois celebrate its fifth anniversary, but also many other things that resulted from the success of this converted room at Café Cambio basement of Chicoutimi. The most important is the establishment of Bear Productions, whose official launch will take place today.

It will be formalized during a 5-7 during which Martin Girard, who assumes the CEO function, will describe the mission of this nonprofit organization. One of its roles is to assemble programming Sous-Bois, which has become a mecca for alternative movement.

“After five years, we know how to make a room and our reputation is established. We will continue to present two shows a week, on average, to produce one per month. The difference is that we will have more means to promote it, “said Martin Girard, yesterday during an interview with the Daily.

He also sees good opportunities outside the walls, projects that mobilize other partners, whether in downtown Chicoutimi or elsewhere. “We have greater ambitions,” says the CEO.

Exhibitions, vinyl

Productions Bear will also be responsible for exhibitions held at Cambio, beginning with Jean-Philippe Tremblay, whose opening is scheduled for Thursday. It will take place as part of a 5 to 7, in conjunction with the launch of the book The Octopus / Rabbit hare, developed by the collective Saguenay The Octopus.

“We will operate as a vinyl record trade fitted inside the Cambio. It will specialize in the music of emerging bands, “says Martin Girard. To mark the occasion, he and his comrades of the rock group Mordicus launch the vinyl of their latest album, Edgar Allan Pop. We will attend Thursday at 19 pm at Sous-Bois.

Of course, a party will follow at around 21 am, a vinyl evening to stay in tune. Access will be free and two DJs will take care of the animation: Anick Laurent Martel and Racine. The next day, also Mordicus and Dumas will tread the stage of the Sous-Bois, but looking more tickets because the show sold out.

However, there are some places for Saturday, while Pepe close the festivities with in the first part, an artist by the name of Joe. It should show up on the scene at 22 pm and will have done Mordicus yesterday.

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