Laval denounced the arrival of UberX

uberxThe City of Laval added its voice to those of Montreal and Quebec City to denounce the arrival of UberX on their territory, but admits she is “powerless” to the controversial US company.
“We consider it unlawful Service […] makes unfair competition [to] our taxi drivers. This is a service that is unfair [and which] the Laval taxi industries do not have to face, “said the spokesman of the mayor of Laval, François Brochu.
It was reacting to the announcement by the company that the Uber UberX service, which allows any driver to offer pay travel, is now available in the cities of Laval and Longueuil.
Customers can order a vehicle in these municipalities to get to any destination. Before, it was impossible to start a trip outside of Montreal.
The announcement boosted the Laval administration, which admits however that activities Uber are the responsibility of Quebec.
“We did not really means to fight his arrival, because we have no jurisdiction over the transportation industry in Laval […] We are powerless legally deal with it,” insists M . Brochu.
The position of Laval joins that of Montreal and the Government Couillard, who vigorously denounced the application several times. The Office of Taxi Montreal has also seized more than 420 vehicles related UberX since January.
The City of Longueuil had not taken a position about UberX at the time of this writing.
Moreover, expansion Uber makes infuriate the taxi industry, which promises to hold a demonstration every Wednesday in Montreal until Christmas, to express the frustration of the drivers in the Couillard government.
“We want the minister authorizes the suspension of licenses of drivers UberX” says Wilson John Paul, one of the organizers of the event, which is also a member of the Provincial Committee for consultation and development of the industry taxi (CPCDIT).
For their part, the taxi drivers Longueuil already fear the impact on their Uber turnover.
“Here, it’s a small town, the drivers do not pick up people on the street, it works especially calls, then it will affect us more,” says the CEO of Allo Taxi.

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