Laval, seven former elected pro-Vaillancourt sanctioned for illegal financing

ancien-maire-laval-interim-alexandreSeven former elected officials of the City of Laval, including the Interim former mayor Alexandre Duplessis, received a statement of offense of the Chief Electoral Officer of Quebec (DGEQ) for illegal party funding deceased Gilles Vaillancourt, the PRO of Laval.

The Chief Electoral Officer has served on Mr. Duplessis that he had contravened the Act respecting elections and referendums by paying a sum of $ 1,000 to the PRO Lavallois “otherwise than his own property” in November 2010. He sees himself and impose a fine of $ 1,885, including all fees.

The move to the Laval city hall of Alexandre Duplessis was rather short and turbulent. He took over from Gilles Vaillancourt, who resigned from office in November 2012. In early June 2013, Mr. Duplessis has asked the Quebec government that the city is under guardianship. A few weeks later, he made news again by filing a complaint with the police for attempted extortion by a prostitute and her accompanist he would have sought the services. Quickly, Mr. Duplessis has resigned.

The Chief Electoral Officer also sent, in the last weeks of offenses findings to former councilors Pierre Cleroux, Ginette Grise, Sylvie Clermont, Denis Robillard, Lucia Hill and Madeleine Sollazzo. All would have made an illegal contribution to the party of their political leader Gilles Vaillancourt, traveling and liable to a minimum fine of $ 500.

Everyone has however been informed that an additional fine of $ 1,000 “for the amount of the illegal contribution” would apply. Add the $ 375 fee and a contribution of $ 10, for a total of $ 1,885.

In addition, Pierre Cleroux committed another offense which “constitutes a corrupt electoral practice.” If he pleads guilty, he écopera and a total fine of $ 6 260 ($ 5000 fine plus fees). Mr. Cléroux could lose the right to do partisan work, vote and stand for election for the next five years.

Each person referred thirty days to respond or plead guilty and pay the fine requested and or plead not guilty which case the file will be transferred to court.

This group of former politicians were all elected under the banner carried by Gilles Vaillancourt. The latter was arrested in May 2013 by the Unite permanente anticorruption. He is accused of gangsterism including fraud. Thirty-three other people are accused of participating in the system that was orchestrated by Mr. Vaillancourt. A trial date should be known in January.

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