Lavoie released his “retirement”

-pierre-lavoieIn 2013, Pierre Lavoie had announced he would not participate in Ironman competitions. However, on 21 August, it will come out of this “retirement” and will take part in the fifth annual Subaru Ironman Mont-Tremblant.

“I come out of retirement to race one. Even if I qualify, I do not intend to return to Hawaii. I miss too much time to train for a world championship. I participate in the Tremblant race because I was asked by the organizer. I was there this winter and he asked me to register. I talked a lot with my family and finally I agreed, “said Pierre Lavoie.

“I also accepted because the timing of holding the race suits me perfectly. That falls right after my vacation, so I’ll have time to train properly. I have already started to prepare myself a little. Things are going well at the moment. I’m going to put a little more intensely this summer. It’ll be my big project holidays. Last year it was the crossing of the Lac-Saint-Jean, this year is a new Ironman, “he added.

According to the director and organizer of the Subaru Ironman, Dominic Piché, Pierre Lavoie was an ambassador “outstanding” since the creation of the competition is and he is delighted that the athlete decided to come out of retirement to celebrate the fifth edition. Lavoie had also participated in the first ever Ironman event, held at Mont-Tremblant.

“There will be an important Tremblant project that will require my participation. I have no right to say more, but my participation in the Ironman falls a little in there, “said the native of La Baie.

In the fall of 2013, Mr. Lavoie had completed what was to be his last race at the Kailua-Kona World Championship in Hawaii. He then finished second in its category, completing the competition in 9 hours 23 minutes.

In 25 years of career, Pierre Lavoie participated in 31 Ironman races, including ten world championships.

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