Lawsuit against Coderre: Imam Chaoui solicits donations

hamza-chaoui-preche-islam-totalementThe controversial imam Chaoui Hamza has launched an appeal for generosity to finance his pursuit of a half million dollars against Denis Coderre, a few weeks after having condemned terrorism everywhere – except in Paris, which had just to produce deadly attacks.

The same evening of the attacks, the religious leader expressed his condolences for the victims of terrorism in nine countries, directly omitting the 130 people who had just been killed a few hours earlier in France.

“My sincere condolences for the MILLIONS of innocent people including children, women and civilians in Syria, Palestine, Burma, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Egypt, Somalia, Central Africa … I want also strongly condemn the violent acts committed against these innocent by barbaric terrorists, “he has written on Facebook to 22:30 on the evening of drama.

Then seven days after three suicide attacks against the Stade de France, Mr. Chaoui has updated and reissued a sermon condemning soccer and calling it “disbelievers” non-Muslims.

This sport is problematic for him because the players remove their shirts at the end of the match, because there is “often dancing, whistling, shouting, music” and because the supporters are “alliance for The team or player ignoring Islamic identity because there is an imitation to the unbelievers, “Mr. Chaoui said.

By email, he stated in La Presse that he failed to mention the victims of Paris because “there are millions of innocent people who are killed every day in a barbaric way, but the way how you [ the media] have treated the information and the event was discriminatory, hypocritical and hyper selective “. “I had no intention to make this connection [between Stade de France and soccer], it was just a general reminder about the harmful effects of soccer,” he added.

As for the term unbeliever, this is not an insult. He “is derived from the verb disbelieve, which means not to believe,” he assured.

Conference and Fundraising

The imam – who preaches that Islam is “totally” incompatible with a democracy that allows women and gays to be elected – has been at the center of controversy last winter for a community center project for young people. Montreal had blocked the opening of the center, Mr. Chaoui Denis Coderre calling of “radicalization agent” and “social tensions fomenteur”.

The young imam had responded with a further $ 500,000 for defamation against the mayor. “He also made a link between our client and the Islamic State and terrorism” denounced Habib Rachidi, counsel for Mr. Chaoui. These words then are serious. ”

Last week, Chaoui Hamza released on his Facebook page an invitation to “brothers” to participate in a conference to raise funds to ‘finance the legal battle. ” The event, at a cost of $ 30, will be held Sunday evening. It was not possible to know if it would be open to women.

Both conference presentations will be made by Mr. Chaoui itself. They will focus on the “marriage in Islam” and on “No one is more deaf as those who will not hear.”

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