Lawsuit against Ottawa: Charkaoui wants the State pays legal fees

depuis-2010-adil-charkaoui-poursuitAdil Charkaoui wants taxpayers pay his legal fees as part of its pursuit of 26,000,000 against the government, but asked that the matter be kept secret to avoid stir up “hatred” and “intolerance “the public against him, putting his safety at risk, he said.

This is according to a decision of the Superior Court judge Louis Lacoursière, dismissing the request for confidentiality in this matter last week.

Since 2010, Adil Charkaoui is continuing Canadian authorities and calls for their $ 26 million in compensation for having detained and forced to wear an electronic bracelet on suspicion of being a terrorist.

But lack of money to pay his legal fees. In documents filed with the court, he says being without resources to assert its rights. “It alleges that the fundraising activities organized through the organization Coalition Justice for Adil Charkaoui and other fundraisers have given negligible results,” says the judge in his decision.

Mr. Charkaoui also emphasized that at the time he challenged the security certificate that led him to prison, the State agreed to pay legal fees. It therefore wishes to continue to enjoy the same kind of arrangement and believes that the fees should amount to $ 750,000 for his action for damages.

The preacher, however, requested that his petition and the possible arrangement with the State remain confidential for six months. He explained that the allegations of terrorism against him have created a “climate of hatred towards him” to the point of putting his life in danger.

He says the situation has worsened due to “alleged” involvement of young Quebecers’ armed jihad “in Syria (La Presse revealed that many young people who have left or want to leave Syria were linked to the Islamic Community Center of east of Montreal, which Mr. Charkaoui is president).

Characteristic of a democratic society

But the judge Lacoursière, to no avail: “The public hearing in court is a characteristic of a democratic society,” he wrote.

Justice Lacoursière also admits that Mr. Charkaoui has been the target of some regrettable acts, including threats of an individual to the fragile mental health of a far-right splinter group.

But he refuses to issue a confidentiality order to “manage the risk, at most hypothetical, only marginal in society individuals are attacking [Mr. Charkaoui] because qu’irrités in that it calls on the State to pay the fees of his lawyers. ”

The question of lawyers’ fees will be settled soon and the decision may be disclosed to the public. Adil Charkaoui and his lawyer did not respond to the request for comments in La Presse yesterday.

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