Leaders and Canadians vote

chef-bloc-quebecois-gilles-duceppeShortly after the opening of polling stations this morning in Quebec, both leaders have deposited their ballots. At 9 h 30, the Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe, appeared with his wife at the polling station located within Habitat 67 in Montreal.

The serious, Mr. Duceppe called on citizens to vote. “It is precious democracy. More voter turnout is high, the better for society. There are many people on earth who can not vote and who envy us, “said the leader, who does not believe that cold weather will decrease the rate of participation.

“I remember the referendum … It was a 30 October and turnout was 93%,” said Mr. Duceppe.

In the riding of Laurier-Sainte-Marie he reports, Mr. Duceppe is trying to regain the seat of the hands of the outgoing MP Hélène Laverdière NDP.

Around 10 h 30, it was the turn of the Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau, to vote in the riding of Papineau. For the occasion, he was accompanied by his children Xavier and Ella-Grace Hadrian and his wife, Sophie Gregoire. Mr. Trudeau, who is seeking a third term as MP for Papineau, has not addressed the media.

Polling stations are open until 21: 30 pm today.

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair had voted in advance on October 9. It tries to preserve his seat in Outremont, he has held since 2007.

Canadians to the polls

The first of the 65 000 polling stations opened in Newfoundland and Labrador at 8:30 local, followed half an hour later by those of the Atlantic provinces –the Nova Scotia, Island Prince -Edouard and New Brunswick.

Some 25.3 million registered voters were called to elect 338 deputies, 30 more than in the previous election in 2011 won by the Conservative Party, the incumbent Prime Minister Stephen Harper is seeking a fourth term after a decade in business.

Throughout the 78 days of the longest campaign in history, the polls were reversed between the Liberals and the Social Democrats while conservatives have practically kept the threshold of 30%.

In a poll published last Sunday night, the institute confirmed the comic Nanos trend in recent days with the Liberal Justin Trudeau in mind, credited with 38.2% of the vote on the average Friday to Sunday surveyed. The Conservatives and the New Democratic Party (NDP left) Thomas Mulcair are credited with 30.1% and 21.2% respectively, the Bloc Québécois (independence) of 4.9% and 4.7% Greens.

At 43, Justin Trudeau, son of former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, could spring a surprise by defeating Stephen Harper, on a platform turned mainly on the middle class with the promise to tax the rich to reduce taxation the great mass of Canadians.

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