League of Legends: Everything you need to know about Camille

league-of-legends-riot-games-camille-programThe next champion of the Faille Summoner is already talk about him. Assassin precise and meticulous, Camille already weaving its web.
So qu’Ivern the Elder Forest has finally found a place in the jungle of the Faille Summoner , developers of League of Legends are working hard on the development of a new champion. It is this time on the side of Piltover , the city of technological innovation, it will lend an ear as it is in the streets that Camille operates.

This silent killer body altered by Hextech technology has a wide range of deadly weapons enabling him to establish his righteousness. His legs themselves have become blades with which it fights while twirling her hips are equipped with two grabs which will be likened without hesitation to those of “Attack on Titan” . Swiss Army knife, look set detail capabilities.
Liabilities: The Camille basic attacks offer him a shield based on the type of damage to the opponent. Facing a mage, it will absorb magic damage. Facing a shooter will absorb physical damage. The shield of power will increase by Camille based on hit points.
A: The next basic attack deals bonus Camille physical damage, increasing its movement speed and switch on the accuracy of protocol. At its next attack, Camille inflict additional damage inflicting more damage to the As time.
Z: Camille focuses its energy and inflicts attack conical front of her. The units in the area then suffer damage depending on their maximum points of life while being slowed down. Moreover, this attack makes points of life Camille.
E: Camille shoots a grappling hook in one direction. If it hits a wall when she rushes up to him. She has some time to revive the spell, allowing him this time to rush towards an enemy target of choice. It interrupts the first attack of the enemy and stuns the enemy champions in the area. Moreover, Camille increases his attack speed.
A: Camille background on an enemy champion, trapping in a closed area and away its allies. For a short period of time, the enemy can not escape from this area. This then turns off after a while, or if Camille comes out by itself. When fighting in the area, Camille deals additional magic damage.

A first skin for Camille
Camille looks like being a very versatile hero able to have a real influence in the end part while maintaining a strong potential duel early in the game. His spells give it great mobility and the ability to securely withstand many opponents. Coming soon, Camille will obviously be unveiled with a first skin, Program Camille robotic gaits available for 1350 RP . What do you think of the potential of Camille?

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