Leak xHamster: more than 380,000 pirated accounts

464114d0-f6ad-46c5-bdd3-99c17333d5f4_originalUsers of the xHamster porn site will have to quickly change their password: a leak may show their personal information.

An impressive list of 380,000 compromised accounts is circulating on the web right now. E-mail addresses, passwords and user names have been posted to the LeakBase database, a paid service where we can see when and where our information has been compromised.

The pornographic site xHamster has just over 10 million subscribers and the leak would have exposed, for now, more than 30 accounts belonging to members of the US and UK governments.

A representative of LeakBase explained that the pornographic site uses encryption methods that are excessively easy to decode, reports The Next Web.

Change your password and, most importantly, make sure you never use that same password for each site you visit.

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