Legal actions of pedophile hunters but “very risky”

clan-donne-comme-mission-aller(Quebec) Shares of The Judge Group are legal, but “very risky”, said the Sûreté du Québec (SQ).

In its Saturday edition, The Sun revealed the existence of a group of citizens antipédophiles, whose parent company is based in Sainte-Marie, in Beauce.

The clan, which count about sixty members divided between Beauce and Saint-Jérôme in the Laurentians, has made it a mission to meet sex offender and suggest they “strongly to get treatment.” It is facing the “flexibility” of the laws that Robert Lemieux, president of St. Mary, decided to form The Judge Beauce in August.

For the SQ, the actions taken so far by the group are not illegal. “Communicating with another person, it is not a criminal offense. There is nothing illegal, “slice spokeswoman Christine Coulombe.

By cons, is a dangerous initiative? Yes, “there are risks associated with this. We warn the citizens who are tempted to take justice themselves or who improvise as sheriffs. They put their safety at risk. Also, attempting to communicate with predators, they can harm our ongoing investigations, “she explains. “If, however [The Judge] landed in people, and the threat commits an assault, it is a different game … But what we understand so far is that they are not harassment or threats. ”

For now, The Judge conducted four operations throughout the province, a fifth is planned for early this week in Charny. During operations, the members give in person at “predatory” a brochure Ex-Equo center – service to sex offenders – and advised him to meet with a psychologist. Mr. Lemieux reiterated Saturday that no muscular operation had taken place and that “it was not the goal.” “The goal is really to help them see. It is a disease! “Insists the president.

As to whether an investigation had been opened by the SQ about the group, Ms. Coulombe refused to provide information. “We have taken note of these groups, but we can not confirm or deny our investigations.”

Before contacting The Judge, the SQ rather advises citizens to communicate with the police. “We ask people to leave the police repression component,” says the spokesman. “It rather suggests parents make prevention with their children.”

Intensive recruitment

Since its founding, The Judge is intensive recruitment. Saturday, the phone has not dérougi Mr. Lemieux. The President considers that he has received at least sixty calls in addition to messages we sent to him by Facebook. “I have received calls from all over [in Quebec]. People spoke to me they were groups of 37, 28, 17 … It’s actually a lot to handle at once, but it’s fun to see so many people are challenged by this, ” proudly concludes the one who had to project Saturday night to listen to the many messages left on their voice mail and read his emails.

On Friday, the Facebook page Beauce The Judge had 86 mentions “Like”. This figure rose to more than 800 in 24 hours. Moreover, we could read several comments from citizens ready to join the ranks.

The Judge scheduled to open in the coming days a website for the sale of its jerseys.

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