Legalization of marijuana: Minister Theriault “indisposed”

lise-theriault(Quebec) Justin Trudeau’s promise to legalize marijuana worries the Minister of Public Safety, Lise Theriault.

“As a parent, I would say that the legalization of marijuana, it can really upset a lot of people, myself included,” she has said at the entrance to the weekly meeting of the Cabinet on Wednesday.

She says, “there are public safety issues are serious and we have to ask.” And above all, “these public safety issues are paramount,” she insisted. “We must, should the federal government decide to go this route then, (…) ensure that public safety issues are properly addressed. ”

She recalled that the Liberal Party of Canada, brought to power in Ottawa Monday, did not submit any concrete proposal. However, he promised to create a joint committee with the provinces to discuss the issue. “So we are in a vacuum, we have nothing that was tabled before us, we should definitely be worried,” stated Ms. Thériault.

The Minister recalled that it had already expressed its concerns to the federal government on the production of marijuana for therapeutic purposes. In a letter sent to Ottawa in July 2014, Ms. Thériault and Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, expressed concern that before issuing a permit production of cannabis, Health Canada verifies that the administrators and records of business leaders who want to start in this industry. The two Quebec ministers demanded that the process also seeks “all employees” and “any person who directly or indirectly control” of cannabis production companies. This would “reduce the risk of infiltration by criminal networks and misappropriation of produced marijuana for medical purposes,” wrote the two ministers.

Asked whether she ever used marijuana, Lise Thériault replied that “there are pleasures lot simpler life,” as “dinners with friends with a good bottle of wine” or “a trip south on the occasion. ”

Quebec is rather uncomfortable about the commitment of the Liberal Party of Canada. Philippe Couillard said Tuesday he is open to the decriminalization of marijuana, but “not necessarily” on legalization.

Questioned on the subject Wednesday, Health Minister Gaétan Barrette has passed the buck to his colleague Lucie Charlebois, saying that this issue is public health. The latter did not want to take a stand, even if the PLC’s commitment has long been known. She argued that Mr. Trudeau did not submit a concrete proposal.

Yet ministers are pronounced since Tuesday on several promises Trudeau even if the Liberal leader did not present any concrete scenario. For example, Robert Poëti, Transport, said he expects that Ottawa does not impose tolls for the new Champlain Bridge as promised by Mr. Trudeau. He even added that “this is great news” for the greater Montreal area.

Here is the exchange between the Minister Charlebois and journalists on the legalization of marijuana:

Does it would be wise to legalize marijuana?

“It’s a hypothetical question, it is not 24 hours they are elected. (…) We will start by letting them take power there. And then we’ll manage. ”

Is there a risk to public health to the legalization of marijuana?

“We’ll let them happen. We’ll let the proposals come. And we will consider that. ”

Why are there discomfort?

“There is no discomfort. We will do things in order. And in order, we say we will leave them happen. It is not even in office. ”

But his position is known …

“Look, we will wait to see what they have to offer us, and then I can get back to you. ”

How did you assess the Liberal promise to legalize marijuana? Do you dissuade the next government because he is called to form the government, the Liberal Party, to honor that promise?

“I will wait to see the proposal they have to make. ”

The Quebec government has no policy position on the subject?

“Yes we will have a position, but in due course. I do not have the proposal they have in their hands right now, so we’ll let them take power. We will examine. Know that it will be always from the perspective of public health, to protect the population. ”

Is it better to consume alcohol or smoke drugs?

” That’s a very good question. Each pleasure. But honestly, we’ll do it with scientific bases. We, we govern with the scientific basis, and it is on it that we will build. ”

Do you have a scientific basis, they say what scientific basis?

“We have the scientific literature, but we will wait to see what they offer. From the proposal they have, I will have more concrete answers. ”

Have you ever smoked marijuana?

” That’s a very good question. My pleasures are mine. ”

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