Legalize additional costs is “unfair,” said the Ombudsperson

ministre-sante-quebec-gaetan-barrette(QUEBEC) The Quebec Ombudsperson Raymonde Saint-Germain, opposes the intention of the government to legalize Couillard incidental costs charged to patients. His report is “virtuous” but unrealistic replica Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette.

“Any change which aims to legalize direct billing to users, for incidental expenses for which the doctors participating in the public plan are already paid, and some not covered by the public plan services, constitutes an unfair Avenue” may reads a notice of the Ombudsperson, which reports to the National Assembly. The PQ MNA Jean-François Lisée made an out yesterday to support that view.

Ancillary costs for insured services must be prohibited, according to Ms. Saint-Germain. Otherwise, “this approach may contribute to the emergence of a two-tier system: a fast track clinic for those who can afford to pay and a slow road to the hospital to others.”

Patients should not pay to cover the operating costs of offices and clinics, she adds. Québec should assess the real costs of operation and implement a compensation scheme for physicians. The Ombudsperson also lists a number of services that are charged to patients when they are practiced in a clinic instead of a hospital and that should now be paid by the state (ultrasound, mammography and magnetic resonance imaging, for example). She added that the first medically required services online should be considered as insured services, whether they are made by a doctor or other healthcare professional.

“We are not able to do this financially, unless to raise taxes,” responded Gaétan Barrette interview with La Presse. “We are all for virtue. She made a virtuous report, but at some point you have to be realistic. ”

According to him, “there is a fundamental contradiction in his report.” Ms. Saint-Germain observed that there is an “imbalance between a basket of larger theoretical services that financial resources devoted to it.” Now it proposes to add items to the basket of services while financial resources are limited, argued the minister.

He recalled that his intention is to frame charges existing accessories to avoid abuses, many of which are denounced by the Ombudsperson. There would be no new fees. The invoice patient would be about $ 50 million a year, said the minister. He accused the PQ of contradiction: in its last election platform, the party promised “to regulate unfair costs”, not to eliminate them.

Examples of incidentals in practices and clinics
Applying a plaster of 4 cm 2 after a minor surgery ($ 40)

IUD (from $ 125 to $ 200)

Injection eye drops (from $ 20 to $ 300)

Use of anesthetic agents (from $ 10 to $ 100)

Use of instruments and medicines required for colonoscopy ($ 500) or vasectomy ($ 150)

Source: Notice of the Ombudsperson

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