Les Remparts in the era of Videotron Centre

tout-monde-vu-interet-porte(Quebec) A new season of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League gets under way this week. The Sun and other capitals Media Group members serve you a taste of what awaits fans in 2015-2016. The day after a conquest of the Cup President by the Rimouski Oceanic and the presentation of the Memorial Cup curtain fell Pepsi Coliseum, the arrival of the Remparts at Videotron Centre not leave anyone indifferent. Good season!

The challenges have succeeded on the desk of the CEO and head coach Philippe Boucher from the moment he took over from Patrick Roy to the Remparts bar early in the 2013-2014 season.

And his third campaign with the team command does not look more relaxing! Head coach and general manager must set a sufficiently competitive team on the ice to host the new Centre Videotron.

At each of his first two seasons at the head of the Quebec Remparts, Philippe Boucher had to live with pressure. In the first year of his reign, he replaced a larger than life in coach Patrick Roy. In his second year, he had to form a representative team to the Memorial Cup, which he managed to do with very limited means.

The year 3 of his term will be equally demanding, since Boucher must, in a rebuilding year, provide quality hockey future visitors Videotron Centre.

“This is a team that is in transition, a word I use to avoid saying reconstruction. But it’s hard to hide it. It is a transition team, a team that has a lot of new faces, “admitted the outset hockey man who recruited the Auguste Impose, Derek Gentile, Michael Robidoux, Christian and Austin Huntley McEneny to fill departures of the Erne, Duclair, Etchegary, Verrier, Roy, Graves, etc.

Give a good show

Care to offer a good show at Videotron Centre – an ultra-modern amphitheater of $ 370 million against the Remparts inaugurate the Rimouski Oceanic September 12 before 18,259 fans – will be night after night, told a young and inexperienced team to attack.

“Everyone has seen the interest of the people of Quebec to see the building and our hockey club. It’ll put a little extra pressure on young people. You must love that. For some, it will be again. There are playing in front of 200, 300, 400, 500, perhaps 1,000 people if they were lucky, the last year in their respective leagues, “Boucher noted.

Coach takes care of so temper expectations about the performance of his team during the next season.

“We are not in a performance of year as last year. You always play to win, you still want to go as far as possible. Are we would like to win the President’s Cup this year? Yes I do. Is this realistic? We will do everything to maximize what we have in our youth. There is much more parity in the league, year after year. We want to be a competitive team, but I think we must be realistic about where the Quebec Remparts went and what we have to do to ensure long-term quality hockey. ”

Veterans leave

You have to understand, between the lines, that Boucher consider the possibility of exchanging experiences veterans such as Nikolas Brouillard and Matt Murphy against defenders draft picks to the holiday season, and thus speed up the reconstruction.

“As CEO, I will do what I have to do to ensure the future short, medium and long term. But we must begin to see the long-term […], which means patience with Gentile, Robidoux and take the action that we should ask during the season with our veterans. When? I do not know it. We’ll see the kind of team we will have at Christmas … ”

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