Leveille and Jacob suspended

leveille-ratera-deuxScreaming Eagles defenseman Loik Leveille and striker Alexandre Jacob Sags both received two meetings a punishment for actions during Wednesday’s meeting.

The loss is obviously more important for the Screaming Eagles while former defender of Chicoutimi is in the top 4 at the blue line. The Disciplinary Prefect Raymond Bolduc announced its verdict late afternoon. Leveille Julien Tessier hit from behind and after the game, head coach of Sags, Yanick Jean, has indicated that his series was over.

His vis-a-vis Marc-Andre Dumont never comment on the decisions of the disciplinary committee. However, he downplayed the loss Leveille for his defensive brigade. “There is not much that can disturb us. We played a half months without the two Russians, Joly arrived only in November. In the camps of the National League in September, we were missing five of our best players. If you look at the statistics, I think we have only one player who has played all games. This is not the absence of a player who will bother us or change anything, “he mentioned. Alexander Jacob was also suspended for a hit from behind on Phelix Martineau. The attacker Screaming Eagles has gone the way of the locker room and did not return thereafter.

Carignan back

After serving his two-game suspension, Julien Carignan will make a return in the defensive brigade, which will allow Yanick Jean less overuse certain elements. “I played and I’ve made mistakes under the influence of emotion. It’s okay and it’s over. Now he has to spit in the hands and help the team, “to advance the pilot that will keep the Blues Louis-Philippe Simard at the blue line.

“I think the guys did a good job during my suspension. It’s less worse to be in the stands in that time, “noted defender of 18 years with humility.

“I take full responsibility for my actions. I put it in the bag and now I’m going ahead with the series tied 2-2 “noted Julien Carignan.

Pen tips

• Thursday morning, Yanick Jean has pushed for greater protection guards. “You see it everywhere in the league incredible performance of the guards. We must protect them, “he launched the day after a match where contacts on Julio Billia were numerous.

For the pilot of the Blues, the defenders have to work, but also officials. He said he was very comfortable that all contacts with the guards are now penalized. “It was clear in the rules before the playoffs during a conference call. Players must make an effort to avoid contact with them, “he said.

Asked to respond, Marc-Andre Dumont, said Belanger Alexander also had the visit. “It’s an intense series on both sides and both teams are going to the net. If we look at the sequences of the first four games, I think it will be pretty equal. Belanger was shoving too, no doubt, “mentioned the coach of the Screaming Eagles.

• Gilles Boudreault can boast that his last official match with the Chicoutimi ended with a win. Chicoutimienne associated with the organization for 35 years, the physiotherapist is now officially retired while taking late Thursday eligibility of his professional order. We wish him a great …

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