Levis attacks the ugliness of Guillaume Couture Boulevard

maire-levis-confirme-quun-plan(Quebec) Le Guillaume-Couture boulevard in Lévis is called to be transformed over the next 10 years. Small shops and garages that litter should make way for the beautiful tall buildings, whose construction will be supervised by planning rules.

Levis Mayor Gilles Lehouillier conceded that the appearance of this boulevard requires a serious push. “At some point, you will have either beautiful and pleasant. And that is the urban plan that will come to it, “he launched this morning, as he presented the draft City development scheme for the next 10 years.

He confirmed that a Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (SPAIP) will be established to guide new construction.

For Mr. Lehouillier, the transition will quite naturally, with the arrival of Fast Service Bus (SRB), a project that shares with Levis Quebec.

Rapid buses will run in the middle of the tracks, the boulevard will include heated bus shelters, passages for pedestrians, as well as a utility off-street bike path.

“With that, you just created a front for a magnificent facade Boulevard. I tell you aesthetically, it will be beautiful, “assured the mayor.

In the development plan, a mix of residential and commercial uses are expected. The mayor thus seen grow over the next decade buildings with shops on the ground floor and housing on the upper floors.

A project that is not a fad of the mind, as the City currently receives requests for buildings eight stories along this boulevard. “We hung there be bold one and a half with our zoning for construction in height, but you have already revised the whole. The promoters asked us earlier, “says Dominic Deslauriers, director of planning.

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