Levis: St. Laurent street closed four months

(Quebec) from 15 August until mid-December, the St. Lawrence Street in the cross sector in Levis will be completely closed to traffic. The work of nine million is set in motion to give it a new face.

After the river station and dock pack, it’s the turn of the street that borders the course of a makeover. Every son will be buried underground sewer pipes and rebuilt aqueduct, pavement and sidewalks widened and renewed the lighting system.

“One is to revitalize the whole area into a more attractive living environment for citizens and businesses,” says Zoe Couture, Press Secretary of the Mayor of Levis Gilles Lehouillier.

In its capital expenditure program (PTI), the City plans $ 1.5 million this year for burying son and $ 2.5 million for the renovation of the street. It will be reopened to traffic in December, but it will provide other closures over the next two years, while the City plans to invest $ 3 million in 2017 and $ 2 million in 2018.

For the next four months, the St. Lawrence Street will be closed in both directions from the entrance to the cross-Levis Quebec (Laurier street) to the National Historic Site AC Davie Shipyard. “The Louis-Frechette coast is however open and people can always access by car to the ferry. sector businesses will remain open, as the bike path and sidewalks to the fountains of the dock pack, “says Stephane Guay, spokesman for the City of Lévis.

It is possible that work stretch at night, according to tidal influence.

This work, however, forcing the Societe de transport de Levis (STL) to change the route 11 and 11A. A temporary stop will be installed at the corner of Fraser and St. Joseph streets. The buses will then be diverted to Wolfe Street and towards the Louis-Frechette coast.

As the area of ​​the cross is very popular this summer, the City announced Tuesday that two temporary parking would be located. Thirty additional boxes will be available in August near the dock Package and 60 others will be this fall near the dock Couture, further west.

The red staircase also will work from 15 August until mid-October, so that pedestrians who want to access the Old Lévis will be invited to use the stairs Labadie, located a little further west .

This work then start the sketches of what the future will look like St. Laurent have not yet been presented to the media. They should be this fall, after summer vacation mayor Lehouillier says Zoe Couture.

Effect on traders

Reinnitz Pierre, owner of B & B de la Traverse, is delighted that this work finally begin. “It does not worry us at all. It’s been 30 years that they speak to remake the area, so it is time for it to happen, “he says. Already, the trader notes that the new dock Package fountains attract many customers in her small convenience store on the ground floor.

Even finding the side of Jason Savage, owner of Barbacoa restaurant. “It will hurt a bit this fall, but we know we will emerge stronger,” says one who said he had prepared accordingly. The work of the Paquet quay, who “hurt” him last year, allowed him to experience “phenomenal growth” this summer.

Michaell Deschamps-Robin, co-owner of Goodness coffee in Lévis is meanwhile more fearful. “For sure it’s going to lower sales, but at least it will be beneficial in the long term. Anyway, I hope! “The merchant, who just buying shares of coffee, had to think of a financial cushion to absorb future losses.

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