Lexibar, a tool to mitigate writing disorders

pouvant-etre-utilise-francais-anglais(Quebec) The founders of Haylem Technologies, who developed the device Lexidox for students with learning disabilities of writing and reading, have turned their software into a Lexibar that integrates in everything that is used to write on a computer.

The tool designed for computers running Windows is specialized software for students and people with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysphasia or dyspraxia. It could be very useful for many students, while the return to class will be in about a month.

Lexibar used with the cooperation of remedial teachers in schools, Haynes insists Francis, founder of the Montreal-based company. Students or adults with problems of reading and writing will have a tool that they write a text or email, they clavardent or add information on their Facebook wall or other social networks. It can be used in class or at home.

Can be used in either French or English, the tool performs Lexibar word prediction text that the user writes from phonetics and spelling words. The user can also listen to what he is writing in addition to read other texts on the Web or emails.

“We worked with specialists in learning disabilities to reach our first design tool, says Haynes. We continued the same approach with Lexibar. ”

Thousand users per day

Schools from 38 school boards use the tool marketed since 2013. For the 2014-2015 school year,

Mr. Haynes noted that Lexibar was used on average per 1000 users daily.

The company continues its tests with resource teachers and educational consultants to demonstrate the usefulness of the tool in cases of learning disability of reading and writing. We ready licensing professionals and school boards to develop partnerships in order to help as many students as possible.

The market is growing slowly, but the company continues to grow with openings in European markets, particularly in Belgium and France. In addition, for 2015-2016, Mr. Haynes wants foothold in francophone school boards outside Quebec.

A version for the operating systems of Apple computers is under development. But the project coming weeks is the relocation of the company’s operations in Terrebonne, which will open at the same time a speech therapy clinic, besides the therapeutic component, can be used to test the technology and Lexibar improvements in real time.

The individual license for the tool costs $ 200. Special prices vary for schools and school boards based on the number of users and posts.

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