Libya: a helicopter crashed with 23 people on board

helicoptere-ecrase-mardi-libye-proximiteA helicopter crashed Tuesday near the Libyan capital Tripoli with 23 people on board, including military leaders probably linked to militias controlling the capital, according to a security official and a news agency.

“We do not know the number of victims and do not know if there are survivors,” said the official in Tripoli told AFP, adding that the cause of the crash was not known.

The news agency Lana, loyal to the government recognized by the international community, said the device could have transported several leaders of the coalition militias Libya Fajr (Dawn Libya), including Abu Dayya Hussein, commander of the militia west of Libya, and the head of the militia Shuhada al-Zawia, Souheib el-Rammah.

The helicopter crashed near Zawia, about 45 km west of Tripoli, according to the agency.

The Ministry of Defence of Tripoli government should hold a press conference at the end of the afternoon.

Libya has been plunged into chaos since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 and two political leaders vying for power since 2014, that of Tripoli and the other, the only internationally recognized, based in the east.

The international community is trying to push for the signing of an agreement on a unity government, now under discussion under the auspices of the UN.

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