LIC may invest $ 1 billion in Saint-Felicien

president-chef-directionPresident and Chief Executive Officer of Resolute Forest Products, Richard Garneau, is willing to evaluate a major investment project to increase the production of kraft pulp mill in Saint-Félicien. An investment bordering the billion could be achieved if the Government of Quebec agrees long-term forest supplies to reassure investors.

In front of the Press Club Saguenay Tuesday, Richard Garneau confirmed that the global market kraft pulp was expanding and it would be easy to sell double the current production of the Saint-Félicien. By cons, he chained quickly, not with the announcement by the Quebec government on Tuesday on the woodland caribou policy (see other article), it will be possible to have a clear idea of ​​what hangs nose forestry companies for fiber supplies over the next 20 years.

“To double production of Saint-Félicien, it takes an investment of one billion dollars. To convince a board of directors to invest that amount over a long period, we must have guarantees of at least 20 years. When we built the Saint-Félicien with Donohue, the government provided supplies for a period of 20 years, “added the boss Resolute comparing this requirement of the industry to long-term supply contracts electricity for the aluminum industry.


Such a project would have two major impacts in the region. He would fill the factories saw overcapacity while revitalizing the forest harvesting industry ailing simultaneously supplies with an additional volume of 1.3 million cubic meters. According to the president of Resolved, the wood necessary for such a project exists.

“I quickly read the statement of the government and we’re still in the same situation. We still do not have the three basic criteria for investments that are predictability, transparency and sustainability. ”

For example, Resolute is still not able to plan beyond 2020 since Quebec aims to increase the protection of forests from 9% to 17% of the territory. Person, right now, knows the impact of such a policy on supplies. The other big unknown is the full protection of 50% of the Plan Nord, which means the full protection of all forest land located 10 kilometers north of Girardville or past the 49th parallel.

The same questions are raised by the government confirming want enlarge the protected area of ​​the White Mountains which, according to Richard Garneau, the cutting area the next 20 years. The federal government has never yet identified caribou herd in the area.

Forestry practices

Resolved boss was particularly shaped to the regional press while a long report of the team of the show Radio-Canada Survey confirmed almost all the positions of the paper in its battle against Greenpeace on the whole issue forestry practices. Richard Garneau maintains that the company he heads scrupulously respect the laws and regulations that govern forest harvesting in the Canadian provinces where it operates the sites. There is no question for the paper to bow to an organization other than the government to modulate forestry practices and this is what explains the refusal of Richard Garneau to initiate discussions with Greenpeace to settle disputes that have led suspension and loss of certificates.

“We have demonstrated that both elements where we lost the certificates in Lac-Saint-Jean are the responsibility of the Quebec government. I will not begin to discuss this issue as I have no responsibility on both. ”

Richard Garneau is also moved that the President of FSC Canada publicly states that it is virtually normal that the certification body has higher requirements than those of governments in forest practice. Just as he did not appreciate that the Director General of International FSC advantage of his visit to Quebec to ask Resolved to abandon his pursuit for damages against Greenpeace in Ontario.

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