Lifting of the curfew in Greater Tunis

dernier-couvre-feu-capitale-tunisienneThe Tunisian authorities have decided on Saturday to lift the curfew introduced in Greater Tunis after the suicide bombing claimed by the jihadist group Islamic State (EI) against the November 24 presidential security.

It will be lifted from Saturday midnight, said the Ministry of Interior in a statement.

The curfew applies to the whole of Greater Tunis, which has over 2.6 million inhabitants, had already been reduced on 1 December, from 21 am – 5 pm to midnight – 5 am.

The last curfew in the Tunisian capital dating back to 2012.

In the wake of the attack in November, the authorities had decided, in addition to the night curfew for Greater Tunis, to reinstate a state of emergency for 30 days throughout the country and close the land border with Libya for 15 days.

The border with Libya was reopened on December 11, but Tunisia remains under emergency rule.

The country, described as a model for its democratic transition, faced since its revolution in 2011, a rise of jihadist movement, which killed dozens of police and soldiers as well as civilians, including tourists.

The suicide bombing late November killed 12 members of the presidential guard. This is the third attack in less than a year claimed by EI. In March, the jihadist organization had referred the Bardo Museum in Tunis (22 dead), and a hotel in Sousse in the east in June (38 dead).

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