Light derailment of a Via train near Rimouski

aiguillage-consequence-temps(Rimouski) The Via Rail train between Montreal and Halifax suffered a slight derailment shortly after two o’clock Thursday morning at St. Simon, about forty kilometers west of Rimouski. A railway bogie, a set of four wheels of one of the leading cars, left rails in a switch. The train was traveling at very low speed.

The ice accumulated on the switch, a consequence of capricious time on Wednesday caused the derailment. Another passenger train Via Rail from Halifax to Montreal, so in reverse direction, was crippled by the incident. The two convoys of passengers typically meet in Saint-Simon or in Trois-Pistoles in the middle of night.

Each of the two trains had 131 passengers on board. According to a passenger communicating through Facebook, there were good crowds. It’s spring break in several areas of the Maritimes and people travel a lot during this period.

No one was injured and the two convoys were able to resume their journey in the morning, after handing over the rail bogie and an inspection of the car. A somewhat similar incident occurred in the Quebec City region on 10 February.

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