Lincoln MKZ: daring passes in style

lincoln-mkzOutgoing, slightly provocative, between Gothic and Baroque, the MKZ seems a bit out of time. The irregular profile accentuates the contrast effects. The curved stern door slightly protruding trunk (probably the most original feature of the self) and a sharp profile, as beveled.

In short, the MKZ cultivates a nonconformist spirit rather refreshing.

The interior looks good but wears daring not always inspired, or at least clearly identified. We think including the start button, which is where we did not expect, or gear selection using pushbuttons (idea introduced by Chrysler in the 50s). This provision, brought up to date, helped to arrange more storage and, above all, to inaugurate a floating console in the Volvo with additional space on the lower floor.

Despite exterior dimensions altogether generous space on board the MKZ is counted. At the front, okay, but the back is tight, and headroom is also rather just. One can also quibble about the narrow seats, scarcity of storage space in the rear seats or the driving position slightly off. As for the trunk, the narrow notch, due profiles fires, but a little intrusive, and the irregular surface does not facilitate the loading of baggage.

Driver and passengers will appreciate the quiet operation and suspension, whose sweetness creates a subtle effect “flying carpet” that can strengthen selecting the amortization method “sport”. Flexible, precise, but a bit numb, management does not return any feeling of heaviness in the wheel of this car comfortable, if not really spirited.

Of course, the V6 engine that drives the most exclusive version does not lack pedal.

Displacing 3.7 liters, it is effective without admitting a crazy power, and rather silky sound is pleasing to the ear. As for the semi-automatic gearbox that comes with it, it is perfectly staged. This engine deserves consideration because it is the only one that can be associated with a cog-wheel drive. The latter, more responsive asset, is primarily intended to make driving safer on a roadway with a low coefficient of adhesion, and not to increase the rate of passage in curves.

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