Lions Make the vision screening at school

visuel-cours-ecolesVisual screening tests are underway in primary schools in Sherbrooke, at the initiative of the Lions Club of Sherbrooke. In total, kindergarten students from nine primary schools will be visited; seven of them have been in recent weeks.

About 20% of children must be referred to optometrists, says the Lions Club of Sherbrooke. The Sherbrooke organization would like to eventually extend this service to all primary schools in the CSRS or more.

“The screening program with kindergarten students, this is the first year we do it in Sherbrooke,” said Luc Charbonneau, President of Lions Club of Sherbrooke, stating at the same time that “80% of learning is visually “.

“When you live with our kids, sometimes we are not aware of their problems. Currently, we are at seven schools in nine; 20 to 25% of young people should be referred to an optometrist. “Some schools have visited reception classes, which bring together foreign students entering the country. At the request of schools with reception classes, screening tests were also offered to newcomers.

“We arrive screening of Marie-Reine School. Of 48 children who were screened, 14 should be referred to an optometrist, “gives an example Denis Corbeil, public relations and Grand Project 75th.

When new schools have been visited, over 500 children have got a vision test.

“We are volunteers, we do not have training in optometry. We are here to support young people, schools, parents, “says Charbonneau. The vision is sometimes an aspect of health that is neglected. Realizing the kindergarten screening prevents children hang with them for problems during their primary and avoid at the same time, the child will not learn the full capacity because of these problems.

Measures are planned for families that would not afford glasses to their child.

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