Lise Theriault Commendation to Magog

ministre-quebec-liseEfforts by the City of Magog to promote the development of the information technology and communications (ICT) sector have earned him praise from the Deputy Premier of Quebec, Lise Theriault.

“The City of Magog with your mayor, you have been able to develop a model that is unique in a particular sector. I think Magog is to be compared to such actions to take to eliminate irritants faced by entrepreneurs. In particular, it is an area dedicated to ICT with specific tax credits, “Thériault said.

She who is also Minister for SMEs, regulatory relief and Regional Economic Development of Quebec stopped magogois floor Monday afternoon. There, she met about forty of ICT stakeholders and municipal officials, including the mayor of Magog, Vicki May Hamm, and the Prefect of the MRC Memphremagog, Jacques Demers.

“Magog did his job without government subsidy.”

The MNA for Orford, Pierre Reid, was originally the meeting. “He asked me to come see Magog Technopole, especially for listening to the needs of entrepreneurs and discover the various pitfalls that come before them at boot time. My colleague wanted me to observe everything that is interesting here, “said Lise Thériault.

Recall that the City of Magog has chosen to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in the development of the ICT sector. The body set up by the municipality, Magog Technopole has already attracted dozens of companies in Magog.

“The finger on it”

According to Ms. Thériault, Vicki May Hamm played a crucial role in the development of this sector. “Your mayor has really put my finger on it including that sometimes change regulations to expedite the process. It also takes the collaboration of the City for permits and zoning. It must be attractive and the municipality here has been collaborator. ”

Lise Thériault noted that “Magog did his job without government subsidy. It’s very good and it sends a clear signal. The City did not copy a model elsewhere. Instead, it said it would create its own model with the means to it, its synergy and its forces, “she noted. The Deputy Prime Minister promised the people present at the meeting Monday that she would arrange for the Quebec delegate in New York come to meet representatives of Magog Technopole. “I think by SME could do business with US companies. The border is nearby and it is an advantage, “she began.

Proud to welcome the Deputy Prime Minister in his hometown, Ms. Hamm has meanwhile said that his municipality will probably need a financial boost to Quebec to continue its momentum.

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