Lise Theriault to the rescue of the Wanted channel

cette-chaine-outil-essentiel-sensibilisationThe Minister of Public Security of Quebec asked his federal counterpart, Steven Blaney, to intervene to save the television station Wanted. In a letter obtained by La Presse, Lise Thériault says the disappearance of the “essential public safety tool” would be “very disturbing.” The Police Department of the City of Montreal (SPVM) also mobilizes for survival of the chain.

The Wanted channel (ADR) broadcasts for more than a decade pictures of wanted criminals and missing persons, in addition to some shows on public safety.

In 2013, the CRTC refused to keep the chain in the category of mandatory distribution, as CPAC and Network, for example. This decision, which will be effective on September 1, will force ADR to close its doors, according to its owner. Without the mandatory distribution order, the cable companies will disappear ADR their menu. The chain will also lose the fees cable companies, which were approximately $ 1.8 million per year.

“This chain is an essential tool for raising awareness to many public safety issues,” wrote Lise Thériault in his letter dated May 25 sent to Minister Blaney. She who also wears the hat of Deputy Premier of Quebec asks “ministerial intervention” to maintain station. She suggests three avenues to the federal government. According to Lise Thériault, Minister of Canadian Heritage, Shelly Glover, has the power to ask the CRTC to hold new hearings. By decree, the CRTC could order the responsible broadcasting, according to the minister. It also suggests the government to provide public funding to ADR. She cites a past example, where the government has been known to fund the educational channel Access Alberta. “Your respective functions of Heritage Minister and Minister of Public Safety gives you an ideal position to intervene in the case,” says Lise Thériault.

Important for the SPVM

The Police Department of the City of Montreal also mobilizing to preserve the TV channel. The SPVM Commander Ian Lafrenière, sees additional information to traditional media. The channel lets not forget the victims, but also the suspects. “Once you have spent the first 24 to 48 hours of media buzz, nothing more. Wanted continues to spread information, he said in an interview with La Presse. One would like to save it “continues the police representative, who presented alongside representatives of ADR in recent CRTC hearings.

By email, communications director Shelly Glover told La Presse that “only the CRTC” has the power to grant mandatory distribution to Avis de Recherche. “It is not in the hands of the minister – only the CRTC has the power to grant mandatory distribution, not the federal ministers. This is absolutely not the government’s decision, the CRTC can do it, “said Marisa Monnin.

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