Live 24 hours with a disability

saguenay-presente-mardiFor the ninth consecutive year, the Saguenay Therapeutic Clowns have called on public figures for their fundraising campaign. Tuesday, September people received a false diagnosis with which they will have to “live” for 24 hours.

The verdict is for participants: a broken arm, a broken ankle or a concussion. For one day, they will perform all their activities with a cast, crutches or a cane. So they will have a glimpse of life with a disability limiting mobility.

“Usually they are already fed up after 24 hours. It shows how it is disturbing to live with that, “says CEO and co-founder of Therapeutic Clowns, Josée Gagnon. She mentioned that this fundraiser helps raise awareness.

“It was a cause that is very humanitarian, since due to the support end of life. Participants have to come with us to make the observation, so they really know what they are getting into, “she insists.

For the edition 2016, include among the “diagnosed” the councilor Josée Nero, executive director Saguenay snow, Kate Savard, and the CEO of the company Colabor Saguenay, Mario Vézina, who is in his second participation.

“I’m relieved, because I had no idea of ​​the plaster that I would receive! This is the first I have to life! “Says Ms. Nero. According to his diagnosis, she suffered a broken ankle and has to move with a cane.

She says she is very happy to be part of the experience this year, since it allows him to help people. “I’m anxious to see how the day is going to happen! I imagine it’ll be a bit dangerous to move around the city, “she added.

Each participant had to raise $ 3,000 minimum. The total target is set at $ 24,000.

The resulting amount will be unveiled Wednesday evening at the Café-Théâtre Côté-Cour Jonquière at a show Therapeutic Clowns presented in a cabaret. The “diagnosed” will be released from their plaster at the time.

“It’s something the Clowns do not usually do. There will be surprises! , Says Josée Gagnon. There will be such a girl with cancer with which we work a lot will come on stage. So we’ll have fun with it! ”

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