Louis-Saint-Laurent, Queen of advance polls in Quebec

echelle-pays-circonscriptions-louis-saint(Quebec) Louis-Saint-Laurent won the prize in the number of electors who voted in advance in Quebec with 17,494 of its residents, or 18%, who went to the polls during the long weekend of the Thanksgiving. The candidates attributed this success in part to their volunteers who have “get out the vote.”

Louis-Hébert ranks second with 17,158 citizens who have exercised their democratic duty. Across the country, the two Quebec ridings rank fourth and fifth respectively, behind two Ontario ridings (Ottawa Centre and Orléans) and located in British Columbia (Victoria). In the greater Quebec City area, the turnout was very high in general with at least 12,000 voters per district who voted early.

“This is the first time there’s so many people,” says the returning officer’s office for Louis-Saint-Laurent, Hélène Dion, who has served since 2004. She ensures that everything went well past despite the crowds and said he had seen “a few cases” of citizens who have decided to go to the polls to protest faces covered.

Ms. Dion did not however provide any explanation to explain the success of the vote in his constituency and the record smashed across the province. Including special votes, these are approximately 20% of its citizens who have already participated in the democratic exercise in Louis-Saint-Laurent, which has about 97,000 voters. “We have very good candidates,” suggests the returning officer.

Large teams of volunteers

This is also the hypothesis of the aspiring Liberal MP Youri Rousseau, adding that their ‘big teams’ respective worked on the ground to ensure that their members meet their ballot. He said the high turnout also translated “great desire for change” voters. One certainty shared by his NDP rival G. Daniel Caron, who said he was “not surprised” by the numbers. “It shows the interest for local candidates and national issues,” he adds.

The Conservative Gérard Deltell believes his side that it is rather the citizens’ proposals for Harper who encouraged them to vote and reject outright the idea that his fame has had a role to play. Like other candidates, former caquiste adds spending the weekend on the field with teams of volunteers. “This is a victory for democracy,” he enthuses.

In the province, these are 942 008 who took advantage of the long weekend to choose the one who should represent them in Ottawa while in the previous ballot, 569,466 Quebecers had voted in advance. This corresponds to a 65% increase over 2011, a percentage slightly lower than the Canadian level and it is 71%. In all, there are 3.6 million voters who went to the polls a week before the official vote unlike 2100655 four years ago.

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